The Danvers Human Rights and Inclusion Committee


Photos: Amy L. Sweeney Photography

"A spirit of harmony will survive in America only if each of us remembers that we share a common destiny."  Barbara Jordan, Congresswoman


Reaffirming Danvers as a Safe Community


First and foremost, we remain committed to the inherent worth and dignity of every person at every level:  neighborhood, local, state, federal, and the world.  We are committed to assuring that all persons in our town feel safe and welcome.  We are in-formed and are mindful that not all people feel welcome and safe.  We are mindful that some single parents, women, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, immigrants, the economically disadvantaged and people of various races, various religions, and ethnic backgrounds, as well as all who experience some form of marginalization who may not always feel safe and welcome.  We cannot tolerate this.


Because of this awareness, we embrace and proclaim our cherished history, by which Danvers welcomes all peoples.  We are particularly mindful that current controversy sweeping our nation impels us to state that we are, all of us, immigrants, or descendants of immigrants, and we welcome all those who seek peace and a better life on our shores to become part of the great tapestry that is America.


It is our goal that all people feel safe.  We acknowledge that the Danvers Police Department does not use local police resources to check or report on the immigration status of those they encounter in routine interactions. The Danvers Police Department has

always had the practice of protecting all persons who fear any form of danger, whether real or perceived, and we underscore that no law-abiding person should fear interaction with the Danvers Police for fear of reprisal due to their race, status or background.


We further acknowledge that our School and Police Departments will continue lawful protection of the individual rights of all people.  We publish this statement of a Safe Community as a Resolution of the Danvers Committee for Diversity.